Teaching the Shoah and training educators

David Meghnagi


Educating on the history and memory of the Shoah is among the toughest challenges academics we face, principally because it involves disparate subjects and numerous specializations. Initially, research was limited to the War period only but, as time went by, it was gradually extended it to encompass the precedent periods too. The depth of the matter, along with the establishment of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, has meant that teachers are now keenly aware of the many challenges ahead, that would be impossible to condense into refresher courses. These obstacles brought forth the classification of disciplines as well as the separation of knowledge. Contemporaneously, they indicate new methods of teaching which would have profound implications for each branch of knowledge.


Interdisciplinary Approach, Intercultural Education, Holocaust, Memory, Shoah

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12869/TM2020-3-01


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