“Because of the Jewish race”: The application of the 1938 anti-Semitic racist legislation at the University of Rome.

Tommaso Dell'Era


Eighty years after the anti-Semitic racist legislation promulgated by Italian Fascism, this note presents the list of the people affected by the racist measures of 1938 at the University of Rome. As a result of many years of research in public and private archives and into University archival funds, hitherto unpublished names and categories are also included. Except from the students, this list currently represents the most precise picture of the expulsions at the University of Rome at official levels and reports the cases of – hitherto unreported – people who did not form part of official academic rolls. In addition to that, for the first time the list of people affected by the application of the anti-Semitic racist laws on an individual or family level because of the racial status of a parent or spouse is also reported here. This note ends with the brief profiles, for the most part unpublished, of the two people who were subsequently to be killed at Auschwitz, Armando Rignani and Otto Rosenthal.


Italian anti-Semitic racist legislation of 1938; University of Rome La Sapienza; Armando Rignani; Otto Rosenthal; Expulsions; Racial status.

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