Psychiatric training: a first chapter. Giovanna Gallio holds a conversation-interview with Pier Francesco Galli

Pier Francesco Galli


This previously unpublished interview by Giovanna Gallio with Pier Francesco Galli was recorded in September 1999 as part of a research on “Goals, needs, and methods in mental health training” of the “Study and Research Centre for Mental Health” of the Italian Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region. This conversation, preceded by an introduction by Pier Francesco Galli, deals with the following topics: Effects of the transformation of the Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs); Management of institutions operated under the principles of a private company (motivational systems and leadership); Management culture; Reproduction of human resources and of motivational potentials; Teaching or training? The psychiatry residency training schools; Psychologists’ training; Training and professionals paradigms; CMHCs as the setting for training; Conceptions of training (the supervision); Training and conflict; Goals and methods of training; Training and leadership.


Psychiatric training; Psychotherapy training; Supervision; Management in the national mental health system; Leadership in psychiatry

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