Enzo Bonaventura, 70 years later, and me, his granddaughter: an Israeli psychologist

Rachel Bonaventura Snir


Enzo Bonaventura is rarely mentioned in the Israeli Psychology circles and Israeli Psychologists are unfamiliar with his teachings although they were, and still are very relevant. His granddaughter Rachel Bonaventura, discovered the works of her grandfather after she discussed about him with professor David Meghnagi and Dr. Miriam Meghnagi. As his granddaughter and an Israeli clinical psychologist, Rachel Bonaventura, attempts to illuminate the man and the work of her grand father.



Enzo Bonaventura; Israeli psychology; Integrative psychology; David Meghnagi.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12869/TM2018-3-06


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