Memories from my father, Enzo Bonaventura

Daniel Ashery Bonaventura


Enzo Bonaventura, Professor of Experimental Psychology from Florence and the founder of Israeli academic Psychology was killed in 1948 in the Hadassah Convoy During the Israeli war of independence. He left a wife
and 3 sons, the youngest less than 12 years old. Daniel Ashery, Bonaventura’s youngest son became a Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics in Tel Aviv University, and passed away on June 27, 2018. During the last months, with the decline of his health, he found comfort in the reconstruction of his childhood memories. Three years ago he was
contacted by David and Miriam Meghnagi, who Initiated the reviving of Bonaventura’s dramatic and tragic life-story and professional contribution. Daniel’s memories of his father, the only personal testimony about the man Enzo Bonaventura - are now coming to light with David Meghnagi’s initiative.


E. Bonaventura, Anti-Semitism, Jerusalem.

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