The junctions of memory

Stefania Zezza


To teach about the Holocaust represents nowadays one of the most challenging and educational activities a
teacher might cope with. In the last ten years the International Master on Holocaust Studies at Roma Tre University has
been educating and training teachers and educators to inform, explain and deepen this topic. The Master’s graduates
have therefore represented a significant resource in the field of Holocaust research and education in Italy and abroad.
On October 27, 2017, two teachers, who have been engaged in the Holocaust education for years, graduated from the
Master, presenting their dissertations, two extremely interesting studies on the Holocaust education and on memory.
Francesca Rennis discussed her work Aspetti di didattica della Shoah, focused on the connection between the teaching
of history and that of the Holocaust. Luigi Saito presented his dissertation Sami Modiano e la sindrome del
sopravvissuto, where he dealt with the issues of trauma, resilience and the survivors’ syndrome. Sami Modiano and his
wife, Selma, attended to the lecture.


Holocaust, Education, Trauma, Survivor, Survivors’ Syndrome, Resilience.

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